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Smiths Detection
Wiesbaden, Germany

Our fund of knowledge in security, E-Learning, IT and other technologies is also a result of our intensive cooperation with Smiths Heimann. STI is the only company world-wide which has been certified by Smiths. The advantages of this cooperation: STI is always up-to-date in all aspects of security technology. Also, we exclusively use Smiths X-ray technology in our training courses and the successful training software OTS. With the Image Quality Standard IQS we deliver only true X-ray images and provide original equipment functions from Smiths.

Fraport AG Logo

Fraport AG
Frankfurt, Germany

Our cooperation with Fraport AG focuses on all aspects of civil aviation security. Fraport has commissioned STI GmbH to carry out various training courses at Frankfurt Airport with the specific aim of raising the security standards at the airport.

Dubai Police Logo

Dubai Police

Our Cooperation with the Dubai Police has been ongoing since 2008 when it started by equipping a classroom with 22 training software licenses for “OTS Avsec” at Dubai Airport Police’s training centre, the Dubai Civil Avsec Centre. Due to the rapid growth of Dubai International Airport which became the 7th largest airport worldwide in 2013 with 66 million passengers, five more classrooms were successively installed and equipped with both the basic training modules “OTS Primary” and with the advanced training module “OTS tutor”.

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Our cooperation with this Finland-based company focuses on pan-European training contents. The lively exchange of information at European level helps us to ensure our courses are up to date at all times.
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SCSC International Logo

SCSC International GmbH
Kiel, Germany

Our cooperation with SCSC International from Kiel focuses on the subject of secure supply chains. Particularly in this field there is currently an enormous amount of work to be done (certification of known consignors by the German FAA) which we are tackling in cooperation with our partner.

Borlas Logo

Borlas Security Kazakhstan LLP
Almaty, Kasachstan

Borlas Security Kazakhstan LLP and STI have agreed on a comprehensive partnership for the Kazakh market. This includes sales of the worldwide renowned software OTS (Operator Training System) for authorities, customs, airports and security service providers. Furthermore, Borlas Security Kazakhstan LLP supports STI in organizing marketing activities in Kazakhstan, e.g., the organization of trade fairs and advertising in the target markets.

Borlas Security Kazakhstan LLP is a provider of advanced solutions for the detection of chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosive hazards, dangerous goods and drugs in the Kazakh market. The solutions are based on the proven technology and product developments of the market leader in intelligent, integral security systems for diverse companies in the security industry, Smiths Detection.

RealTreX International Ltd.

RealTreX International Ltd.
Tallinn, Estonia

RealTreX International Ltd. is a startup company that was recently formed specifically to develop more realistic training content and solutions for the security screening market, thus the name Realistic Training for X-ray Security Screening.

RealTreX was founded by three entrepreneurs that were concerned about current security training shortcomings and were eager to make a difference in this market by developing new capabilities that could address these. The main company focus is to design and deliver the next generation training solutions for security training.

This common goal makes RealTreX a perfect partner for STI.

Nolte Services GmbH

Nolte Services GmbH
Muenster, Germany

Nolte Services GmbH is a company specializing in the area of munitions management and logistics, bomb and landmine disposal as well as service and training.

Nolte Services GmbH is also a service provider in the field of munitions management, ordnance clearance and ammunition destruction and associated logistics. In addition, Nolte´s experts train other staff in the field of ammunition technology. Therefore the company is characterized as a service provider for all types of infrastructure activities, ranging from consulting and implementation to monitoring of munitions clearance and management.

Flughafenakademie München

Airport Academy Munich
Munich, Germany

The Airport Academy Munich is a reliable partner in the fields of Consulting, Education and Training in the areas of Aviation, Security and Personal & Management.

DSA Detection

DSA Detection

DSA Detection is fully dedicated to manufacturing and distributing DHS-approved products for explosive trace detection systems. The company´s ETD products are compatible with two of the biggest names in explosive trace detection - Smiths Detection and Morpho Detection. Smiths Detection and Morpho Detection ETD systems are used across the globe by homeland security, military, and airport personnel for accurate threat detection.

cs_secure Logo

Cargo Steps

CargoSteps is the perfect solution for your business in the international logistics field. For example, status requests, qualificiation requests etc. can be provided in a most efficient manner.

cs_secure Logo

Optosecurity Inc.

Founded in 2003 and based in Quebec City, Optosecurity Inc. is a software company that brings innovative value-added capabilities to security operators with integrated, real-time operational data and analysis. Specialized in Remote Screening (Centralized Image Processing), Optosecurity is bringing radically changing business concepts to the physical security industry, helping airports security checkpoint reach the highest levels of performance possible.

Pioneer, Optosecurity developed and launched the world’s first and most deployed Remote Screening solution dedicated to airport security checkpoints. The company’s unparalleled expertise, support, and services are known worldwide as our products have been deployed on over 160 lanes worldwide and have screened more than 40 million passengers to this day.