STI offers its customers an integrated air cargo control programme. Acting as a regulated agent, we can handle the entire air cargo control process and are accountable to our customers and the German FAA.

The air freight controls are carried out on the premises of the customers. Accordingly, there is no need for a time-consuming and costly transfer of the loads to obtain the necessary air safety-relevant status. Insofar as the customer's warehouse is already approved as a permanent establishment of a regulated agent, STI establishes therein a control office, which is usually equipped with a cargo x-ray device and an explosives detector.

STI also provides the necessary personnel to carry out the airfreight checks. These control forces for air cargo/mail have been trained in accordance with the provisions of the EU Commission Implementing Regulation and have been audited by the competent authority, the German FAA. In addition to the approval as a control force by the German FAA, STI's personnel has further qualifications in the areas of X-ray and radiation protection as well as dangerous goods regulation.

We are happy to assist you if you are looking for solutions for the optimal control of your air freight. We are looking forward to advise you and ensure that your air freight can be loaded quickly and safely.

Air Cargo Screening
Air Cargo Screening

Air cargo control centers

Since April 29, 2013, all air cargo shipments which have not been dispatched by an authorized known consignor will require 100% screening.

Therefore, it is crucial that you find a suitable security company that can professionally X-ray or otherwise treat your air freight shipments for safety. STI, itself Regulated Agent, and its experienced partners in the logistics industry offer a nationwide network of air cargo screening centers, authorized by the German FAA and equipped to screen air cargo individually and to the highest professional standard before it arrives at major airports.

All our screening centers have state of the art x-ray equipment and explosive trace detection systems, operated by expertly trained and experienced aviation security control staff.


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