STI GmbH offers its customers an integrated air cargo control programme. Acting as a regulated agent, we can handle the entire air cargo control process and are accountable to our customers and the German FAA.

Air Cargo Screening

The legal basis for air cargo screening carried out by the appropriate staff are EU regulations as well as national laws and regulations. These security measures are the responsibility of the forwarding agents, the so-called Regulated Agents. The measures are monitored by the responsible aviation security authorities, in Germany this is the German FAA. .

Staff who carry out screening using X-ray devices or other suitable screening methods (e.g. explosive trace detection systems) are so-called aviation security control personnel for air cargo screening, abbreviated ASCP (C). STI GmbH trains these members of staff itself and has them examined by the German FAA.

Air Cargo Screening

STI GmbH operates its own air cargo control centres at several locations in Germany. Since April 29, 2013, all air cargo shipments which have not been dispatched by an authorized known consignor will require 100 % screening. We currently offer such centres in Nuremberg, Hannover and Ratingen.

Air Cargo Screening

Many companies require individual screening solutions for their air cargo, for example companies in the car or the chemical industry, but also all those shipping sensitive, time-critical goods.

STI GmbH can offer individual solutions for these customers and organise them in a way that means little change or disruption to the former process.

If you are looking for the ideal solution for your air cargo screening requirements, please contact us. We will be pleased to advise you and will ensure that your air cargo is shipped swiftly and safely.

We also provide services on the subject of ACC3 / RA3 / KC3. More information can be found in the section Consulting.

STI control centres

Overview and addresses

Since April 29, 2013, all air cargo shipments which have not been dispatched by an authorized known consignor will require 100 % screening.

Therefore it is essential for you that you early enough find qualified security companies which can x-ray or otherwise secure your freight shipments in a professional manner thus making sure that your shipments can be transported on time and safely. STI GmbH, itself Regulated Agent, and its experienced partners in the logistics industry offer a nationwide network of air cargo screening centres, authorized by the German FAA and equipped to screen air cargo individually and to the highest professional standard before it arrives at major airports.

All our screening centres have state of the art x-ray equipment and explosive trace detection systems, operated by expertly trained and experienced aviation security control staff.

You can find our screening centres at following locations:

STI Air cargo screeningstellen

Brandenburger Straße 40
40880 Ratingen

Flughafenstraße 88a
90411 Nürnberg
Phone: 0176 10581357

Lohstr. 28, Gebäude IV, Halle 3
85445 Schwaig
Phone: 089 978804-8992

Frachtgebäude A4
30669 Hannover
Phone: 0172 7466668