The original goes online

OTS onlineOTS Software – the successful X-ray image analysis software, well-known throughout the world – has gone online. From now on, many of the software’s features are also available on the Internet.

You can now train your employees via the Internet, wherever you are located. Using image processing functions identical to those of the Smiths Heimann x-ray machines, the detection of prohibited items or bombs is trained on various levels of difficulty.

Training with OTS online

OTS online was specifically developed to provide further training for aviation security screeners and serves to maintain and improve the detection skills of the staff involved. Thus, aviation security screeners are able to complete the lessons prescribed by regulatory authorities in the field of X-ray image interpretation whenever and wherever it is convenient.

OTS online CBS

OTS online CBS 1.0


OTS online Cargo

OTS online Air Cargo 1.0


OTS online Staff and goods control

OTS online Staff and goods control 1.0


OTS online HBS

OTS online HBS 1.0


OTS online Mail

OTS online Mail 1.0