OTS online CBS has been specially developed for the training of aviation security officers and serves to maintain and increase the X-ray image recognition performance of the deployed personnel. Officially stipulated trainings can be completed flexibly and independently of the place of work.

OTS online CBS contains 6000 x-ray images in 100 lessons; The simulator meets the specific requirements for cabin baggage inspection.

OTS online CBS

In order to be able to reliably check the carry-on baggage of passengers, the inspection staff must know and recognize any special characteristics of baggage and their representation in X-ray images. For example, objects of different or oversized size must be correctly evaluated and their proportions understood in comparison to conventional X-ray images.

The interpretation of X-ray images is trained with the help of a wide selection of different hand luggage pieces. For evaluation, various editing functions are available. OTS online CBS deals intensively with the detection and handling of improvised explosive devices (IED) as well as various dangerous objects.

OTS online CBS

OTS online CBS is also available as a short-term license for exam preparation and recertification.

Content CBS
Learning onjects 6.000
Threats >1.000
Learning units 100
Tests 10

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