OTS online Staff and goods control 1.0

OTS online Staff abd goods control 1.0 is an online training programme to provide further training for security screeners.

OTS online CBS
OTS online was specifically developed to provide further training for aviation security screeners and serves to maintain and improve the detection skills of the staff involved. Thus, aviation security screeners are able to complete the lessons prescribed by regulatory authorities in the field of X-ray image interpretation whenever and wherever it is convenient.

OTS online CBS

The OTS online module “Staff and goods control” is used for initial and recurrent X-ray image evaluation training for security staff at airports. This simulator can be used for all checkpoints at which access control takes place (power plants, industrial companies, courts etc.).

Using OTS onlone „Staff and goods control“, screeners‘ skills are intensively enhanced to quickly and reliably detect threat items carried by persons other than passengers and other items which they carry with them, which is essential in order to increase overall security.

At the beginning of the course the security staff is confronted with everyday image material which is customary in their field of work in a series of information learning units. Here the daily routine at the checkpoint is simulated. The screener has to make the decision whether there is a forbidden object in the image or an object that requires special permission.

For effective use of this simulator a basic knowledge of X-ray evaluation is required such as the usage of the available image enhancement functions, legal aspects as well as the detection of weapons and bombs, especially the composition of an IED.

OTS online – now also available as short time license for the preparation of examinations and for re-certification.

  • Available languages:German, English
  • Valid for:Germany
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Content Staff and goods control 1.0
Learning objects 500
Threats 130
Learning units 20
Tests -

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OTS online Staff and goods control