Increased security through training software

Our training software OTS (Operator Training System) is one of the world's leading products in the field of X-ray image interpretation and is used in the fields of aviation, industry, and critical infrastructure to train staff efficiently.

The globally successfully established OTS premium product line, which is available as CBT (Computer Based Training), is available as a single-user configuration as well as in a multi-user configuration with various x-ray image simulators.

Structure of the OTS training software

In addition to the theoretical framework of their field of work, control personnel must familiarize themselves in detail with their practical tasks and train their abilities to recognize dangerous situations quickly and, above all, correctly. Therefore, the OTS training software offers a wide selection of different learning modules, ranging from practical modules of X-ray image simulation to theoretical tutorials.

The operation and administration of the OTS training software is facilitated by management modules that are supplemented by advanced management modules.

OTS Trainingssoftware

The X-ray simulator

The X-ray simulator replicates the imaging capabilities of an X-ray machine.

The training of X-ray image analysis follows the didactic concept "from simple to difficult - from uncomplicated to complicated". Beginners first learn how everyday objects are displayed on an X-ray. For each object is clearly defined to which object group (e.g. weapons) and to which material category (e.g. organic) this belongs and which action should be taken (e.g. police inform). The X-ray simulators are available with image material of different X-ray machine manufacturers, such as Smiths Detection, Rapiscan, and Leidos.

OTS Trainingssoftware

OTS Online

The OTS online product line, which is available as WBT (Web Based Training), provides functions of the training software over the Internet and has been specifically designed to train x-ray interpretation in a timely and flexible manner, regardless of the location.
OTS Online