OTS LogoThe company's own training software OTS (Operator Training System) is one of the world's leading products in the field of X-ray image interpretation and is implemented in the fields of aviation, industry and critical infrastructure to efficiently train staff.

The product line OTS premium, successfully established worldwide, is available as CBT (Computer Based Training). It is available both as a single-user and as a multi-user configuration, with a wide range of X-ray simulators and tutorials.

The newly developed product line OTS online, which is available as WBT (Web Based Training), provides access to the features of the training software via the Internet and has been specially designed to enable X-ray image interpretation training to be carried out whenever and wherever convenient for the user.

OTS Training software structure

OTS Software for Training

Besides the theoretical general conditions of their area of operation, screeners have to thoroughly familiarise themselves with their practical duties and train their ability to recognise dangerous situations quickly and above all correctly. The OTS training software therefore offers a wide variety of training modules ranging from practical X-ray simulation to theoretical training modules (Tutorials).


The X-ray Simulator

OTS Software for Training

The X-ray Simulator simulates the image display functions of the X-ray machine.

OTS bases on the image evaluation training of screeners on the didactic principle "From simple to difficult - from uncomplicated to complicated". Beginners first learn how everyday objects are displayed in an X-ray image. For each object there is a clear definition as to what object group (e.g. weapons) and which material category (e.g. organic) it belongs and a clear definition of which action is to be taken (e.g. inform the police). The X-ray Simulators are available with image material of different X-ray machine manufactorers such as Smiths Detection, Rapiscan and L3 Communications.

The Tutorial

OTS Software for Training

In addition to the X-ray simulator OTS also contains a Tutorial. These theoretical courses have been specially designed to train security staff and contain a wide range of security related topics above and beyond the evaluation of X-ray images. Numerous general training courses enable a general security training which can be extended at any point in time by selecting additional courses. The learning platform is targeted at trainers of security staff in the areas of aviation, air cargo, industry and the judiciary as well as at detection staff themselves.