X-ray screening of passenger bags is a key component of airport security. However, even the newest, most advanced and most expensive equipment is of limited value, if the humans who operate it are not selected and trained appropriately!

Several conducted scientific studies have shown that human performance in X-ray image interpretation depends critically on individual abilities and visual knowledge acquired through experience on the job and most of all training.

It all starts with the selection of candidates for the job. Those candidates that want to become aviation security screeners should always undergo a pre-employment test to assess if they are up to par for the demanding job. This test should not only focus on their X-ray image interpretation skills but should also take other categories in consideration, such as color blindness, power of concentration, spatial thinking, personal behavior skills, etc..

If the candidate passes this test he should undergo an initial training. This initial training is most efficient if conducted as blended learning – a combination of instructor-led training and computer based training.

When on the job each aviation security screener should - and in most regions of the world is obligated to - conduct a certain amount of training hours via computer-based-training.

In order to maximize the training effect a computer-based-training software is needed that offers a most realistic training – meaning offering the aviation security screeners the original image format of the X-ray machine he is working on in his working environment, the original graphical user interface of the X-ray machine he is working on in his working environment as well as the availability of all the image enhancement functions of the X-ray machine he is working on in his working environment. Only if the CBT offers these key functions a most realistic training is possible!

Training is very important and the good news is that compared to X-ray machinery and security equipment it is really not a cost driver in the overall aviation security concept that needs to be implemented!

So be smart and foremost invest in the training and education of your staff. This investment always pays off!

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