DSA Detection, a well-known company located in North Andover, MA, USA is STI´s latest addition to its vast international partner network.

DSA Detection is fully dedicated to manufacturing and distributing DHS-approved products for explosive trace detection systems. The company´s ETD products are compatible with two of the biggest names in explosive trace detection - Smiths Detection and Morpho Detection. Smiths Detection and Morpho Detection ETD systems are used across the globe by homeland security, military, and airport personnel for accurate threat detection.

In addition to DSA Detection´s explosive trace detection products; the company is committed to providing the most effective IED training aids. DSA Detection manufactures X-ray correct IED training aids for security checkpoints and walk-through metal detectors for the accurate detection of guns, knives, mail threats, explosives, and explosive components such as firing circuits and blasting caps. Furthermore DSA Detection also provides classroom, computer based, and security officer training courses that will ensure efficient and effective security screening.

DSA Detection manufactures and distributes its own brand of DHS-approved trace detection consumables used in the operation and maintenance of all explosive trace detection (ETD) instruments commercially available. DSA also manufactures X-ray correct inert explosive simulants, IED training aids, and test articles used in training screeners to identify threats and to verify security checkpoint equipment is properly identifying threats. DSA then combines all its products and expertise into comprehensive and in-depth classroom and LMS training for threat recognition and security equipment operation, tailored to meet all levels of detection.


We are really looking forward to a long lasting and successful collaboration with DSA Detection to even better address the security needs of our customers!

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