We are delighted to inform that we have just received an order by a known security service provider that contains the supply of OTS online licenses.

OTS online will be used in connection of the initial training process of control staff. OTS online is used to increase the ability of the control staff in regards of X-ray image interpretation training.

Each trainee will receive an OTS online account. At any computer with internet access the trainee can conduct the X-ray image interpretation training.

Customers can choose from various OTS online modules (X-ray simulators) that are applicable to the certain area of application:

  • OTS online – CBS (Cabin Baggage Screening)
  • OTS online – HBS (Hold Baggage Screening)
  • OTS online – Air Cargo Screening
  • OTS online – Staff and Goods Screening
  • OTS online – Mail Screening

We appreciate the trust in our company and our services!

STI – We Train Your Security