Quebec City, CanadaOptosecurity, leading provider of remote screening (or Centralized Image Processing) solutions for Aviation Security Checkpoints, and  STI Security Training International GmbH, security training specialists offering computer-and web-based training solutions, collaborate to bring the aviation security industry a new training tool for airports deploying eVelocity.

Optosecurity and STI’s joint efforts aim to improve the efficiency of the screening staff training by developing a computer-based security training software specific to eVelocity.  STI Security Training International GmbH's training software OTS (Operator Training System) premium and OTS online are among the world's leading products in the field of X-ray image interpretation.  STI’s OTS X-ray image interpretation training software will be adapted according to Optosecurity´s eVelocity GUI (Graphical User Interface) and image format.  This customization will ensure that screeners get the best training possible while meeting TIP (Threat Image Protection) training requirements and improving overall checkpoint’s security level.

"We are pleased to work with STI to bring customized security training software to airports using our eVelocity remote screening solutions," says Tim Mathews, President & Chief Executive Officer for Optosecurity. He adds, "it will simplify refresher training for security staff who are already familiar using the eVelocity GUI on a daily basis.”

About Optosecurity Inc.

Headquartered in Canada, Optosecurity Inc. is a leader in operational efficiency and threat detection for checkpoint security in airports and other critical infrastructures. Optosecurity’s eVelocity software suite is the first in the world to enable centralized remote screening of hand luggage, redefining airport security paradigms and economics, demonstrating proven savings and productivity enhancements.  Optosecurity’s automated threat detection software also enables liquid explosives detection in a cost-efficient way and is certified by European civil aviation authorities.

The company’s unparalleled expertise, support, and services are known worldwide as their products have been deployed on over 170 Checkpoint security lanes worldwide and have screened more than 40 million passengers to date.

Optosecurity Media Contact:

Gabrielle Bouchard, Marketing & Communications Advisor, gbouchard@optosecurity.com, +1 418 653 7665 ext.116


About STI Security Training International GmbH

STI Security Training International GmbH was founded in 2001 and is a successful security training company that offers instructor-led training seminars, consultancy services and computer-and web-based training solutions. The company's own training software OTS (Operator Training System) premium and OTS online are among the world's leading products in the field of X-ray image interpretation. This training software is used by authorities, airport operators, airlines and in judicial authorities and the industry worldwide.

STI’s portfolio is completed by the implementation of passenger screening services at several German Airports, as well as air cargo inspections that are carried out in several company-owned air cargo control centers throughout Germany.

STI Security Training International GmbH Media Contact:

Andreas Hornig, Director Sales & Marketing, andreas.hornig@sti-training.com, +49 6122 59834 ext. 23