This newly developed and truly unique online course allows you to test existing security staff and/or job candidates if they are fit for the job!

This course was especially developed to test skills and competence that are needed and essential to effiicently and reliably perform the tasks of security staff.

The PEA course is validated and consistent and was developed according to best practice. The course will make the entire hiring process of future security staff much more efficient and quicker as well.

The Pre Employment Assessment (PEA) online course contains the following:


-Ishihara Test (red-green-blindness)

-Spacial Regognition Test

-Concentration Test

-Self-Awareness Test

-Fluency Test (English language)

-X-ray image interpretation Test


Pre Employment Assessment (PEA) – the perfect and unique pre-employment and qualification test for security staff and/or for job candidates.

Additional information and the registration for this course can be found here.

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