It is essential for security staff to be informed about the Avsec Bodies in place worldwide. These Avsec Bodies regulate the aviation authorities globally through conventions, conferences and legislations.

This enables security staff to be aware of threats posed in the aviation sector, the motives behind these, and consequences resulting from a breach of these regulations. Learning about the regulation results in better vigilance and more focused security.

This course covers the fundamentals of aviation security in order to improve the airport staff’s awareness of their duties and their rights. This provides regulatory background with information on important aviation authorities like ICAO/ ECAC/EU.

Airport staff are thus acquainted with the topic of terrorist attacks in the history of aviation and the relevant background on terrorism.

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Who will benefit from this course?

  • Security personnel in different fields of aviation
  • New aviation security screeners (beginners)
  • Heads of security and security directors
  • Instructors refreshing their knowledge
  • Employees and companies working for regulators
  • Anyone who is involved with aviation authorities

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