This course is essential for all employees screening passengers or visitors of buildings with X-ray machines at the checkpoint. Students will learn how to evaluate different kinds of X-ray images. They will learn more about how to distinguish between materials and objects while evaluating an X-ray image. X-ray screener tips allow beginners to become acquainted with some basics when scanning bags for the first time, regardless of the machine type in use. For example, dark or black areas displayed on the screen. should always attract the attention of the screener, whether he uses the image enhancements functions available to get more details or whether he inspects the bag with a manual search.

After passing the X-ray part, students will learn about their responsibilities as a sceener, how to perform a body search and know more about the basic procedures at a checkpoint. This course also includes information about different alarm types, the passengers‘ rights and appropriate action after an incident.

OTS Module - Tutorial

Who will benefit from this course?

  • Security personnel working at the checkpoint
  • New aviation security screeners (beginners)
  • Security guards securing buildings and events with technical aids

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