Technical equipment is a helpful tool for security staff to carry out their routine operations. But this advanced equipment can be of no use unless the staff is trained to use it efficiently and effectively.

It is of utmost importance for security staff to possess the skills to be able to use this equipment correctly and to make the right decisions while on the job. This course is specifically devised to achieve the objective that screeners gain experience in working with X-ray equipments and detection devices.

It is fundamental for them to understand the technology related to this equipment (e.g. limits of detection), how to use it safely and how to coordinate its use with that of other equipment simultaneously.

This increase in knowledge will help to increase overall security and lower the number of incidents resulting from human error.

OTS Module - Tutorial

Who will benefit from this course?

  • Security personnel in different fields of aviation
  • New aviation security screeners (beginners)
  • Heads of security and security directors
  • Instructors refreshing their knowledge
  • Anyone working for regulators
  • Anyone who is involved with aviation authorities

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