Staff which is well trained on the subject of threats is better prepared, more vigilant and better able to detect a threat object. It is equipped with analytical information on the history of terrorist attacks, the motives and the reasons behind these. Also the staff would possess knowledge on relevant legislation passed by the international aviation authorities to counter these attacks. Therefore it is widely believed by experts that screeners who have no experience in identifying threats are less likely to be able to identify them.

Based on the latest findings and developments in detecting threats, this course is the perfect preparation for new screeners and a useful reference book for refresher training. As the course explains how to recognise both common and rare kinds of weapons, knives and other dangerous or prohibited items, each student will be acquainted with the necessary procedure as well as how to discover camouflaged items. The recognition of explosive devices (bombs) and especially the critical detection of IED‘s (Improvised Explosive Devices) and liquid explosives, with its instructions at the checkpoint, are main topics of this course.

OTS Module - Tutorial

Who will benefit from this course?

  • Security personnel in different fields of aviation
  • New aviation security screeners (beginners)
  • Heads of security and security directors
  • Instructors refreshing their knowledge
  • Anyone working for regulators

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