Detecting threats and prohibited items like an expert:
OTS Xpert HBS – Recurrent training for hold baggage screening

What does ammunition hidden between cosmetics look like on an X-ray?
Do you recognize an IED and its individual parts in a case full of electronics?
And how do you detect a machete between the struts of a suitcase?
Which items are allowed in hold baggage – and which are prohibited?

After successfully completing their basic training, screeners are familiar with both theoretical and practical aspects of their job and are able to recognize dangerous situations quickly and correctly - now they must consolidate and develop their skills. Therefore OTS Xpert HBS trains experienced X-ray operators to detect prohibited items.

This advanced training module for X-ray image interpretation was developed specifically for personnel who check hold baggage in accordance with aviation security regulations. Adapted to the ever-increasing demands of civil aviation, the simulator uses artificial intelligence and complex algorithms to combine different categories and learning procedures to familiarize control staff with both everyday and threatening objects in order to improve their detection performance. Training with OTS is the only way for a control officer to practice the recognition of IEDs and other dangerous objects.

OTS Xpert HBS was developed to meet the increasing requirements in the area of hold baggage control. The simulator is approved by the German Federal Police in accordance with the EU Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2015/1998. Together with the OTS Xpert CBS simulator and the comprehensive OTS Management, which serves the easy administration and detailed evaluation of trainings, it was released by the German Federal Police in January 2018 for the regular further education of aviation security assistants.

Frequent and realistic training improves the ability of screeners to correctly assess threats. Fast and reliable detection of dangerous objects is of enormous importance in highly sensitive areas such as aviation.

Only through repeated training can security personnel contribute to increasing global security.

OTS Modul - Xpert HBS

To guarantee an effective training OTS Xpert encourages and promotes the individual learning progress: Based on the individual recognition rate of the pupils algorithms compute the image distribution in the different categories and difficulty levels. Training units generated by artificial intelligence are constantly adjusted and adapted to the individual learning dynamics. Based on this dynamic adaptivity, each training is specially tailored to each individual student. Through this innovative training, STI enables a constant improvement in performance and creates the ideal conditions under which experts in X-ray machine operation can continuously maintain and develop their knowledge.

All products of the OTS family complement OTS Xpert HBS perfectly and ensures basic and recurrent training of your employees. As with all of STI‘s OTS training courses, images are displayed in Smiths Detection‘s proprietary file format – lossless, high-quality original image files are ideal for learning and practice. All relevant image enhancement functions of the X-ray unit are provided: Students can control objects with image display functions such as NEG, SEN or OS. The simulated keyboard of Smiths Detection provides authentic training.

With OTS Xpert HBS, experienced screeners can identify everyday items in hold baggage, detect IEDs, and spot dangerous items.

OTS software solutions are offered in packages that include not only theoretical and practical training, but also extensive graphical evaluations in OTS Management. They are rounded off by online and offline support, as well as frequent updates. 64109064

OTS Modul - Xpert HBS
Content OTS Xpert HBS
Learning objects 6.000
Threats 1.500

Overview Threats
IEDs 1000
Dangerous objects 500

  • Unique image quality due to import of image raw data
  • Compliant to EU and ICAO regulations
  • Recognized by BPol, LBA and BMI

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