ProDetect® Security Screener Training

3D X-ray image interpretation training

A milestone in X-ray image interpretation:
3D image evaluation with ProDetect®

What does a piece of luggage look like in 3D?
Is it really the sole of a shoe or is it an explosive foil?
Is the shadow on the luggage strut a jackknife?
Look behind the facade and analyze each piece of luggage down to the smallest detail.

3d prodetect     

3d prodetect


Battelle’s ProDetect® is an innovative training system for X-ray image interpretation for aviation security screeners. The 3D simulator ProDetect® is based on Battelle’s longtime experience in behavioral research and X-ray technology – paired with STI‘s expertise in education and training this outstanding training software has been jointly developed. ProDetect® serves as an ideal security training system for personnel conducting screening at airports in the areas of passenger and baggage control.

For over 20 years, Battelle has been providing aviation security intelligence and technical services to U.S. agencies such as the Department of Homeland Security, the Transportation Security Administration, the Federal Aviation Administration, and international civil aviation organizations.

ProDetect® is based on Battelle’s proprietary behavioral research platform and comes with a wide range of features, including

  • Simulated screening environment for realistic training
  • Use of computed tomography (CT) imaging
  • Extensive 3D image library with real threats
  • Additional training functions for teaching theoretical contents
  • Link to OTS Management with detailed graphical and tabular evaluations


Regular and genuine training improves screeners’ ability to correctly assess threats – fast and reliable detection of dangerous objects is of enormous importance in highly sensitive areas such as aviation. Only frequent training allows security personnel to contribute to increasing global security.

Experience the difference between X-ray image representation in 2D and 3D, which contrast for example in color and shape, structures or overlays in the visualization. The rotation of luggage allows screeners to look behind objects and see concealed threats hence searching for bombs and prohibited items is easier. This is supported by the true-to-life reproduction of Leidos´s ClearScan and Smiths Detection’s CTiX, XCT and CTX9800 (former Morpho Detection) realistic user interface mapping: Button functionality and color reproduction are identical to the original GUIs. Since all relevant image display functions of the X-ray unit are provided, an authentic training is possible.

With ProDetect®, screeners learn how to use a 3D X-ray machine, train the interpretation of 3D X-ray images and the identification of objects in spatially rotatable luggage.

The 3D simulator ProDetect® can be used in addition to our 2D software solution OTS to expand theoretical and practical knowledge. External resources such as image libraries can be accessed via interfaces. Furthermore, training results are presented in OTS Management in extensive graphical evaluations. Our services are rounded off by online and offline support and updates.

3d prodetect

3d prodetect

3d prodetect