Aviation security managers

Basic training

Specific training of persons who, on local or national level, bear overall responsibility for ensuring that a security program and its implementation complies with all legal regulations; the training is carried out in accordance with regulatory requirements, covering the following topics:

  • Overview to the topic Terrorism
  • Legal requirements
  • Security systems & access control
  • Screening devices & techniques
  • Protection/transportation requirements for cargo, mail, goods for airlines, in-flight supplies, & airport supplies
  • Safety-related areas & measures
  • Prohibited objects & dangerous goods
  • Quality control
  • Social skills

This basic training is aimed at future security staff of:

  • Airports
  • Air carriers
  • Known senders
  • Regulated agents
  • Known and regulated suppliers of in-flight inventories
  • Known suppliers of airport supplies
  • Transporters
Instructor-led training 11.2.5
Participants max. 12
Duration min. 40 UE
Target group Future aviation security managers

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