The European Commission has prepared guidelines to help protecting screeners, passengers, and staff during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

The contingency plan contains measures regarding validation, recertification, and reapproval which take into consideration the current global situation. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the resulting challenges in carrying out training or certification sessions, the validity of certificates, approvals, and validations is temporarily extended for 6 months from their legal expiry.


This applies to:

  • Re-approval or recertification of persons performing tasks as listed in points to of Commission Implementing Regulations (EU) No 2015/1998,
  • Re-certification of instructors,
  • Re-approval of European Union Regulated Agents, Known Consignors, Regulated and Known Suppliers, if the on-site visit cannot take place,
  • Re-approval of EU aviation security validated operators and entities in third countries, if the on-site visit cannot take place (here, contingency conditions and precautions will apply for the temporary extension of ACC3, RA3, and KC3 status),
  • TIP library renewals, and
  • Recertification of EDD.


We will keep you posted - take care of yourself and stay healthy!