Management 3.0 facilitates the administration and evaluation of staff data: Extensive master data entry, detailed graphical and tabular evaluations of X-ray image evaluation training, all completed by various configuration options of OTS Xpert and its evaluation interface.

In simple terms: Users train their skills in X-ray image evaluation with OTS Xpert, and the evaluation of their training performance can be checked in Management 3.0. Due to automatic synchronization with our training software OTS Xpert, all training achievements (time and results) are recorded. Moreover, Management 3.0 logs our initial training modules OTS Premium and recurrent training modules OTS Xpert, for example CBS and HBS.

Management 3.0 allows a comfortable and secure data collection and simplifies the administration of users and their performance. Users can be individually allocated into various groups, shifts, or organizations, and receive notifications via the OTS Xpert user interface.

Adding absences such as vacation or else is easy as these times feed into the time evaluation as an excused absence. In addition, previous achievements can be transferred into Management 3.0 and are considered in the monthly and annual performance evaluation.

Extensive tabular and graphic evaluations enable constant analysis of users’ training achievements at any time, both for the entire calendar year and freely selectable time periods. This information is used for training planning, as well as for submission to authorities as an evidence of compliance with current training regulations.

Extending Management 3.0 with the add-on TrainPro gives access to priority deficit lists: trainers can use these to identify the individual training needs of certain users and train them as quickly as possible to maintain a high performance level.

Day-to-day operations are made easier by centralized data collection, simplifying internal business processes, and reducing bureaucracy – implementing and adhering to regulatory requirements is easier than with standard office software solutions.

Management 3.0 allows optimal and individual rights assignment and thus administration of all users and training data. Documentation security is guaranteed by the EventLog, which records every activity in the system and secures it. Furthermore, STI strictly complies with current regulatory requirements and continually adapts the software solutions to regulations such as the European General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR), requirements of the German Federal Office of Civil Aviation, and recommendations of the German Federal Police.

OTS - Management

Your benefits

  • Approved by the German Federal Police according to National Aviation Security Act
  • Central recording and administration of your staff and recurrent training data
  • Interface to our other OTS training modules
  • Detailed visual and graphic evaluation (individuals or groups in freely selectable time periods)
  • Secure and reliable documentation
  • Compliant with the European General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR)
  • Compliant with requirements of the German Federal Police, the German Federal Office of Civil Aviation and the aviation security authorities of the federal states
  • Individual administration and assignment of access rights
  • Data import and export for submission to authorities and for your own further processing
  • With the add-on TrainPro: Clear overview of training deficits