Identifying specific hazards:
OTS basics CBS - X-ray image interpretation in cabin baggage control Basic Training

Why is cabin baggage screening carried out?
Which items are prohibited and where?
How can prohibited items be identified?
What features of the X-ray machine are available to support detection?

OTS basics CBS is an advanced module that seamlessly builds on the introduction to X-ray image interpretation with OTS basics. Based on the internationally applicable regulations for baggage in air transport, future screeners learn how to use the X-ray machine with subject-specific content. Since the variance of illegal items is remarkably high, especially in cabin baggage, STI has invested a great deal of effort in the selection of X-ray images. IEDs in particular are difficult to recognise due to their variability and your staff will rarely encounter many of the items shown in their subsequent work. It is therefore essential that screeners are trained in the safe detection of these items before they start work.

OTS Modul - Avsec CBS

STEP learning methodology
(learning units)
  • Unique image quality due
    to import of image raw data
  • Compliant to EU and ICAO
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