Initial contact with the X-ray machine:
OTS light - The basis of X-ray Image Interpretation Basic Training

How does an X-ray machine work?
What are the colors of an X-ray image and how do you interpret the images shown?
How do everyday objects look like in an X-ray image?
How to operate the X-ray machine and what functions can be used?

OTS light lays the foundation for operating of X-ray equipment and the evaluation of X-ray images. First, the trainee receives an introduction to the safety instructions for the safe handling of the X-ray inspection equipment. This includes the safety rules, such as radiation protection or the meaning of emergency shutdown. The trainee then learns to deal with the forms of presentation of various materials, the operation of the X-ray equipment and the available evaluation functions.

The ability to recognise different everyday objects is acquired through various exercises. The objects to be recognised are shown as a fully editable X-ray image, as well as in the real image. This enables the trainee to develop an idea of which objects are shown in the X-ray image. This is rounded off with a detailed description of the relevant objects. Of course, all evaluation functions, as well as a second view are available at any time. OTS light, like its sister product OTS basics, is based on the STEP method, an educational guide that says: „From easy to difficult - from uncomplicated to challenging“. All relevant image enhancement functions of X-ray machines, such as NEG, SEN or OS, are provided by OTS. These are accessed via a virtual keyboard that is modelled on the most common X-Ray machines.

OTS light contains about 3 to 8 training hours – depending on the individual learning speed of the learners - of structured, consecutive theoretical and practical learning units. All contents can be worked on once.

OTS Modul - Xpert CBS

OTS Modul - Xpert CBS

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